[rc5] v2.001 problems

Shawn P. Cox spcox at HUB.ofthe.NET
Mon Jul 7 15:30:19 EDT 1997

 > I just noticed this on an Intel-Linux box (486) running the P5 client. I
> also noted this on the Alpha-Linux client on one machine, but it seems to
> be doing alright on another. The log files actually register a 
> shutdown!

I'm running the new 2.001 both p6 and p5 on a Intel P133, P166, P200, and PPro200. All Winnt 4.0(sp3)
And getting the same problems.  There seems to be some association to the number
of blocks you have cached, as to the number it does before quitting.

On my PPro  200 I restarted it this am with 50 blocks cached.  It reported 45 blocks left on disk to work on, and began
crunching.  It did 23 and exited gracefully, reporting 23 blocks done.

Same thing happen on the P166, but I can only get it to do 3 before it exits.(caching 5 from the ini)

Seems to me like the client is not refilling the buffer...


Shawn Cox
spcox at hub.ofthe.net

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