[rc5] hidden client

Brian Young byoung at oru.edu
Mon Jul 7 17:37:21 EDT 1997

Bill Plein wrote:
> >There are 200 200Mhz Ppro that rc5-team at osrhe.edu would like to add to
> >the contest. But, we will only have a access to these machines once.
> >Now, we have been waiting on a v2 hidden client before we installed the
> >client.  Since v2.001 is out, and I can find no hidden option on it, the
> >question remains:
> >
> >Is there going to be a v2 hidden client?
> While I cannot tell you that answer, I can suggest a possibilty.
> Set them up as services, using SRVANY from the resource kit. You can choose
> to have it interact with the desktop (that is how I use it), or not. In the
> latter case, it runs in a hidden window.
> You would still be able to see the service running, but who is going to
> know what it is?

Now, this only works in NT right?

I have used programs to hid the client in Win95 too, but when you go to
shutdown, it will tell you that the program must be closed manually. 
Since these are lab machines, or used by not so 'in the know' folks,
that is simply not acceptable.

byoung at oru.edu
Brian Young
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Oral Roberts University
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