[rc5] Release of V2 Source??

Andrew Kroeger andrew at cpre1.ee.iastate.edu
Tue Jul 8 02:41:16 EDT 1997

I know that there is no plan to release the entire source distribution
for the V2 clients... I can understand why and it's not a problem.

However, I seem to remember somewhere in this beer-clouded brain of
mine that at least the encryption "guts" of the clients were going to
be released at some time.  Am I totally wrong on this?  I am very
pleased with the speed of the V2 clients in comparison to the V1
clients, and would be interested in seeing how it was done (more
curiosity than anything).  I don't think I could make any dramatic
improvements on the code or anything like that, but I'm willing to bet
there are others out there who aren't currently on the "development
team" that could help optimize some things even more.

Releasing the "guts" with some code to allow benchmarking and testing
(but without the network protocols for communication with the
keyservers) wouldn't pose any more of a spamming threat than currently
exists in distributing client binaries, and it could even provide some
better optimization to incorporate into future client releases.

Or am I just missing something else...?

Andrew Kroeger

DSDL System Administrator
131M Coover Hall
Iowa State University
(515) 294-8800
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