[rc5] On the priority of roll-out of V2 proxy and new stats

Colin L. Hildinger colin at ionet.net
Tue Jul 8 01:22:47 EDT 1997

On Sat, 05 Jul 1997 18:35:34 +0800, Guan Sin Ong wrote:

>This is an appeal to the hard working programmers in Bovine. Please make
>V2 proxy top priority. Without V2 proxy, many clients can only stay with
>V1 client software, which are generally much slower. Furthermore, I am
>sure many clients (V1 or V2) are losing a lot of CPU power (happening
>here) due to difficulty to connect to mostly US-based proxy servers. 
>In other words, release of V2 proxy will definitely push the overall key
>rate up dramatically. 
>I think the current temporary fix for stats pages are good enough for
>"stats addicts". So stats should be given lower priority over the
>roll-out of V2 proxy.

OK, I'll add my 2 cents.  I think the stats are important.  Has anyone
besides me noticed that the overall keyrate is now <1 Gkey/s?  It seems
to me that the lack of stats has cut our keyrate from 1.X Gk/s before
the v2 clients even came out to <1 Gk/s.  This is a reason for concern.
 People "only [staying] with V1 client software" doesn't cause the
keyrate to fall.  Loss of interest caused by lack of stats does.  We
are seeing the symptoms.  Now, I know Duncan's been sick, and it looks
like maybe they're close, but I think it's really important to have the
stats to generate the interest, and I know I'm not alone.

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