[rc5] E-mail personnal proxy

Francois Gouget fgouget at club-internet.fr
Tue Jul 8 04:07:18 EDT 1997

	Is there any project of making an e-mail proxy server ?
	Here is why I would like to have this functionality.

Here is the situation:
 - at home I have a P166 and a modem connection to the Internet
 - at work I have many PCs but only an e-mail connection via UUCP.
The problem is:
 How do I put the PCs (and Unix stations) at work to work (so to say).

  Up to now I was running the TimC client. I fetched the blocks at home,
stopped the clients (one per PC), put the files on disk, copy them to a
shared directory, go to each PC to stop the client, swap the files,
restart the TimC client on each PC, bring back the result files at home
and start the TimC clients so that they report the blocks.

  Pretty cumbersome ! (Furthermore the TimC clients always have network
errors when reporting/.getting blocks and thus sleep 1 minute...)

  Now I will switch to the V2b1 clients which seem not to suffer from
network connection errors but it is still cumbersome and not really
manageable for more than a handlfull computers. The reason why I did not
use the
V2 clients is that with 50 blocks they would not have enough to do for the
week-ends. I expect each client will now process about 135 blocks over the
week-end so I hope there is not a limit on the number of randomly
generated blocks (TimC has a limit of 99 blocks).

  The solution would be a personnal proxy server which would communicate
with the main servers via e-mail.

  The personnal proxy would send a request for 100 blocks, one hour later
a mail would return the corresponding blocks that the personal proxy could
read directly from my inbox. To send a report just send a mail.

  This could also be a nice way to deal with very opaque firewalls.
  If someone could implement this it would be very nice. If it's already
being worked on then even better. Otherwise I would be willing to
implement this. I just need access to the personal proxy sources... I was
in the process of doing just this for the SolNet team but then Deschall
found the key !

  Also I subscribed to the rc5-proxyper mailing list but I have yet to see
a post on it. Is that normal ?

Francois Gouget
fgouget at club-internet.fr                http://www.mygale.org/~fgouget/

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