[rc5] V2.001 Clients and PPro

Wayde Milas thebard at rarloa-4.pr.mcs.net
Mon Jul 7 17:33:50 EDT 1997

Well, this is odd. Take a look at the follwing:

V2.0 P6 client: Complete in 20.260 seconds. [493586.12 keys/sec]
V2.001 P6 client: Complete in 21.93 seconds. [455809.91 keys/sec]

This is on a dual PPro running linux 2.0.30. The Priority of the 2.001
client was set to 0 in the config thing. The stats were generated by the
-benchmark option.

What gives? The executable seems to be a bit smaller, but its not as fast.
I guess I keep running the 2.0 client (since 2x 38 - 76k keys/sec) is a
considerable difference. It be nice to have the new options of 2.001.

Question - do you guys actually test the speed on these clients before you
release them? :)

BTW, altering the priority on 2.001 has no effect.


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