[rc5] [koenig@tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de: rc3v2 client suggestions]

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Tue Jul 8 02:12:56 EDT 1997

At 11:38 AM 7/3/97 +0200, Harald Koenig wrote:
>- where can I find the sources ?  I need some local changes for
>  run priority settings (and maybe I'd like to run it on SGI IRIX 5.3 too).
>  right now I'm using an external program which sets scheduling class first
>  and then execs rc5v2, but I'd like to have this in one binary if possible.

Source is not currently available, but we expect a limited release sometime
in the future.  No ETA is currently available.

>- what should be the difference between binaries for intel P5 and P6 ?
>  benchmarks didn't show *any* differencs  (using PPro200)

You should see slight differences.

>- to would be nice if ini-file and esp. in/out buffer file can be specified
>  on command line (or at least an extension).  

In v2.002 of the client, you can set the environmental variable RC5INI to
the full pathname of the inifile to use.

The buffer files are intended to be shared by multiple instances of the
client, so there is nothing wrong with it being in the same directory as
those used by other clients.  Yes, file locking is dealt with properly.

>  plus I need multiple copies of the ini-files (or symlinks) when running
>  binaries for different archtictures (e,g, p5, p6, irix, ...)

You can either use the environmental var trick, or rename the executables.
The ini filename is derrived (if not specified) from the name of the
program binary.

>- one host filled up the log file (stdout/stderr) with *tonns* of
>	Buffer is locked 2 - waiting 1 second.
>	Buffer is locked 2 - waiting 1 second.
>  messages.  killing and restarting fixed it  (but if I wouldn't have seen 

This has been fixed in v2.002 of the client

>  I'm always buffering 10 keys, so the buff-in.rc5 file should be ~1200
bytes long,
>  but for this hangup/look this file was ony 256 bytes (I've removed it
before restarting...).
>  maybe this can give a pointer to the problem ?

You can improve performance and reduce clutter in your log file by running
a looping script that calls "rc5v2 -update" and sleeps repeatedly.  Then
the network access will be done in that copy of the client and it will keep
the buffers filled and ready for the other instance of the client.

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