[rc5] New clients leaning towards Intel?

Scott scotts at sprintmail.com
Tue Jul 8 22:31:49 EDT 1997

Got a quick question about the new clients for Win95 and misc. CPUs...

Are the two new betas slowly being optimized for the Intel chip?  I
switched to beta 1 yesterday and beta 2 today and each interation runs a
-sqosh- slower than the previous - when the computer is truly idle (at
night and during the day - home computer).

I've got the cyrix 6x86L (32 meg ram, 512 cache) chip running on 95B:

On version 2.0 and idle, the computer would chew through about 274k keys/sec
and about 211k when I'm fooling around with whatever...

Version 2b1 dropped the idle speed to about 267k keys
and RAISED the rate to ~220k when otherwised occupied

now with 2b2, I'm down to 263k keys when idle and 228k when busy...

I'm mostly just curious, but after seeing a number of requests in the
archive (on the web), I was kinda hoping to see the Cyrix chip exploited a
little more  :^)


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