[rc5] MacOS Client: Yippee!

Chris Welbon ctwelbon at email.unc.edu
Tue Jul 8 22:58:20 EDT 1997

Wow.  The Mac client is flying.  My 604e/180 is doing about
445Kkeys/second on its own (around 420 when connected via OT/PPP, though 
it briefly hit 480 during the self-test). 

The only problem I see is that now buffering the max of 20 blocks only
gets me through a little over 3 hours.  Any hope of upping the maximum
buffered blocks to 50 in the next release? 

And how about the equivalent of -flush and -fetch so that I can make sure
it's all "fueled up" before I disconnect?

And I second that wish for a BeOS client...

Nice job,

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