[rc5] http proxy setting confusion...

Jeremy D. Zawodny jzawodn at wcnet.org
Wed Jul 9 02:20:18 EDT 1997

So I want to run a few more clients that are behind a firewall and proxy
server.  I figure that the http proxy option is what I need to use on the
clients.  However, there doesn't appear to be a way to tell my clients what
the address of the http proxy is.  I can change the destination host to
something other than rc5proxy.distributed.net, but what I really need to be
able to do is say, connect to rc5proxy.distributed.net via xxxx.xxxx.xxxx
http proxy.

Am I missing something?

The documentation on these options is terse at best.

Also, are there any plans for a Dec-Alpha (Digital Unix) client?  If it's
just a matter of compiling one, I'd be glad to help.


Jeremy D. Zawodny
WCNet Technical Geek & Web Stuff

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