[rc5] And ... another stats question

Guan Sin Ong cceonggs at segamat.nus.edu.sg
Wed Jul 9 22:06:05 EDT 1997

Sorry, this is another stats addict asking a stats question:

When my proxy host started submitted keys to Bovine proxy, the reverse
DNS lookup for its IP address was not working. So it's showed on the
chart with its IP address. But since then I have managed to fix its
reverse mapping. I have verified that against rc5.distributed.net (by
pointing nslookup at it). But the proxy host is still showed on the
chart with its IP address instead of its now working domain name. I
thought the log file keeps track of IP addresses and the stats script
will at some stage convert all these into their domain names. Or am I
wrong? If there is anything wrong on the stats, can someone fix it

Sorry... put this on the lowest priority, Bovine team. And keep up the
hard work...

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