[rc5] stats

Shea Tisdale shea at signalinc.com
Wed Jul 9 10:13:55 EDT 1997

I looked in the stats for our team (macrsa at signalinc.com) and we are listed
with 0 blocks.  I know these are stats for one day only right now, but the
client on my machines alone ran through some odd 70 blocks and the rest of
our machines here have run it continuously also.

Is it possible the stats engine is messed up (but then why would others be
listed correctly) or is the 2.0b5 mac client not reporting correctly or
something.  I'm running it in basically default configuration except for
our team name and buffering 20 blocks.

Shea Tisdale
Signal Interactive, Incorporated
Phone: (919)688-7878
FAX:   (919)688-9348

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