[rc5] getting closer

Brian Hechinger wonko at blackhole.arkham.net
Wed Jul 9 10:34:54 EDT 1997

almost have the HTTPD proxy crud working.

RC5 v2.002 client - a project of distributed.net
Copyright distributed.net 1997
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The proxy says: "Welcome to rc5proxy.distributed.net (opus)"
Network::Error Read failed 6/0
Unable to fetch more blocks, generating random block.
Please look into correcting your network problems as soon as possible.
[07/09/97 13:23:15 GMT] Block: B28AC5:60000000 being processed
[07/09/97 13:23:15 GMT] 0 Blocks remain in file buff-in.rc5
[07/09/97 13:23:32 GMT] Shutdown message received - Block being saved.


id=wonko at mail.arkham.net
proxy=<my proxy host>
port=<my proxy host's port>

it looks like i'm getting a response from the rc5proxy, but it can't actually
grab anything from it.

<my proxy host> and <my proxy host's port> are the same as are setup in my
copy of NetScape which works fine. (well, as good as NetRape can run anyway)

so close!! yet so far away!!

now i need to get my ass in gear and get a sparc-optimized V2 client done
since the v2 client does REAL BAD (tm) on the sparc.  *sigh*  at least i
can use the brute force method.  (v2/sparc may be slow, but i've got 40+
machines to throw at it!!)


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