[rc5] Need clients and gateway!

RSA Crack Team rsacrack at rnl.ist.utl.pt
Wed Jul 9 18:54:01 EDT 1997

> I do not see any SunOS or Solaris clients.  In the Des Challenge Solaris and
> Sun OS made a very significant contribution.
Look a little more, It's passed a month since I first started using the
solaris clients and there are SunOS clients as well.
> Also, at work our firewall will only allow Socks clients to go through on
> certain machines.  All of those machines are running SunOS.  The other
> machines can only access outside the company via a proxy, which only allows
> the web browsers to connect to a few ports (like 80 and 8080).  I would like
> to run a local keyserver/gateway at work, but it must run on SunOS.
v2 clients allow you to do that. Look for them.
						Joao Miguel Neves
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