[rc5] HPUX Client trouble

Jude Giampaolo jude at ruf2ece.psu.edu
Wed Jul 9 14:11:50 EDT 1997

Someone named Michael Graff told me:
> This is a problem with hpux -- compatibility is promised (and then only
> barely) going forward within the same major version.
> I can probably compile a hpux9 specific one, and an hpux 10.01.  If you
> would like to try these out, please contact me directly.

Um, how would I do that? I don't have your email address and can't seem
to find it anywhere likely. 

I would be happy to try them out still. Thanks!

Jude Charles Giampaolo
Penn State University
jude at ktb.ee.psu.edu

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