[rc5] getting closer - working

Brian Hechinger wonko at blackhole.arkham.net
Wed Jul 9 14:29:25 EDT 1997

RSA Crack Team drunkenly mumbled...
> proxy=rc5proxy.distributed.net
> port=2056
> in unix do a 
> setenv http_proxy http://<my proxy host>:<port>/
> or export if you use bash. Anyone can give a help for Windows?

if i do this i get eve less far:

blh at csf37> ./rc5v2b2-sunos55-ultrasparc                      
RC5 v2.002 client - a project of distributed.net
Copyright distributed.net 1997
Visit http://www.distributed.net/ for more information
Network::Open Error 1 - sleeping for 3 seconds

before i at least contacted the rc5proxy server whereas this time i don't
even get that.  ideas??


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