[rc5] HPUX Client trouble

Andrew Kroeger andrew at cpre1.ee.iastate.edu
Wed Jul 9 13:58:33 EDT 1997

:>jude at ruf2ece.psu.edu (Jude Giampaolo) writes:
:>> I'm trying to get the HPUX build 2 client up and running and I am having
:>> some trouble. The configuration section runs fine, but as soon as it
:>> attempts to connect to a key server the client seg faults. Any Ideas?
:>What version of hpux are you running, and what CPU type (if you know
:>that) ?
:dumbo~ 21%> uname -a
:HP-UX dumbo B.10.01 A 9000/712 2015683385 two-user license
:chip-n-dale 21%> uname -a
:HP-UX chip-n-dale B.10.10 A 9000/831 2007319456 two-user license
:[21] % uname -a
:HP-UX carlotta B.10.20 A 9000/712 2000500270 two-user license
:scuttle~ 21%> uname -a
:HP-UX scuttle A.09.05 A 9000/712 2004414108 two-user license

I had similar problems with the 2b2 clients.  However, I was able to
get them working.  Seems that the binary was compiled on a machine
running 10.10, and the network code was causing problems on our
machines running 10.01 or 9.X.  Running the client on the 10.10
machines went without a hitch.

Here's what I did to get everything working on all of our machines:

  - "-config"'ed the client in a directory that is NFS-mounted on all 
    machines I wanted to run the client on.  Set it to buffer 50 blocks.
  - Set a cron job on one of our 10.10 machines to run "-update" every 15
    minutes to keep the in buffer full.
  - Ran the clients on all machines from the NFS-mounted directory.  For
    the clients running 9.X or 10.01, they get their blocks from the
    buffer file and don't have to worry about the network at all.

This is currently working great for me, however YMMV.  I'd be happy to
help anyone get the V2 clients running on their HP boxen -- I'm now
getting approx 160000 keys/sec on a 120MHz C110 that could only do
85000 keys/sec with the V1 code :^)

Andrew Kroeger

DSDL System Administrator
131M Coover Hall
Iowa State University
(515) 294-8800
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