[rc5] V2.002 Hidden Win32 client and log files

Michael J. Rogan mrogan at fpelectronics.com
Wed Jul 9 18:06:32 EDT 1997


I've found that if I just do a copy of the ini file and run the 
RC5V2P5H.EXE -install it doesn't seem to work, but if i run 
RC5V2P5H.EXE -config then change the .INI file (and put the full 
path to the log file) to reflect my setup then RC5V2P5H.EXE -install
 everything seems to work fine.

I haven't checked it out yet but it seems to continue to run when the 
machine is waiting for a login.

Great job!

Now about the V2 proxy and stats ;-)
(Never satisfied are we.)


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