[rc5] Emails/Teams - [ADMIN]

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Wed Jul 9 23:01:36 EDT 1997

Adam L. Beberg wrote:
> A note about Emeil/Teams

I'm addressing this to the list in order to reassure those that
are concerned about their blocks and don't have the luxury of
being in the top 100 for cross checking as much as I am for my
own curiosity...

> The characters =",\<> spaces and ctrl characters are illegal in an
> email/team address. It also cannot start with a "-". This is to screen out
> bad addresses.
> If your email somehow is one of these (old TimC clients did C:\ etc...) it
> will be counted for rc5 at distributed.net. Your host will still get credit for
> the blocks, so if you manage to get the magic key, we'll know who it was.

Can you explain why, when I use the "front-page" lookup, this:

	marcus at dfwmm.net

shows zero blocks, no time working, no last seen, no average rate,
and no rank? If I check the top 100 email list, everything is
there(I think). The host lookup of:


shows two entries(even though I get a different host every time I
dial up) with scrambled names that have rankings, but zero blocks
reported along with "long time ago" and "unknown". Some other hosts
that are on the same email team show scramblings, rankings, but
zero blocks. The biggest contributing host(our firewall at the
office) shows up in the top one hundred with ranking, last seen
times(that are a day late, ok), time working, average rates, blocks,
_and_ a _clean_ host name!. When using the front page, things are,
shall we say, "different".

It seems that the data are coming through ok, but the lookups on
the front page are somehow screwed.  We are running a mix of v1
and v2.2 clients so that is not the source of the problem. Damn,
if I could only see the _cgi_ source! Ha! I bet you never thought
we'd ask for _that_ did you?

P.S. Hooray! Bovine as a whole seems to be steadily increasing
     above the 1G/s aggregate keyrate! v2.2 has helped. From what
     I've seen reported here, a v2.2 pproxy would boost _our_
     team by another 25-50%
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