[rc5] OS/2 v2 Build 2 Document Update and Misc.

Oscar Chang oscarc at divideby0.com
Thu Jul 10 01:06:14 EDT 1997

  For all you OS/2 users, in my hast to get the client out, I typed
something wrong in the DOD Documentation. For In-Joy users, *do not* set
the delay in dod.cfg to 9999. Right now it only waits for 9999 seconds
before trying to send/receive blocks. In the next version, It'll check for
time AND if it's connected or not. The new zips on the rc5.distributed.net
have the corrected docs, but the client is still the same.

  There's also a performance hit in the new clients. Because it's doing
more in the main loop it's a bit slower. On my p133 the stats are:

==== Build 1 P5 ====
Benchmarking with 10000000 tests:
Complete in 63.310 seconds. [157952.93 keys/sec]

==== Build 2 P5 ====
Benchmarking with 10000000 tests:
Complete in 69.68 seconds. [143513.20 keys/sec]

  The build 3 will reduce this proformance hit. You can of course continue
to run the build 1 clients. However you will be losing out on some of the
  Enhanced Display: It's now more discriptive when it's crunching a block,
      such as how many blocks in buff-out, status indicaters when sending
      receiving key blocks, etc.
  File Logging
  Update: -update will do a flush/fetch.
  Settings via the RC5INI Environment Variable
  Priority Changing: You can now set it to the highest level of idle 
       priority (+31) or even the normal priority
  Random Block: If the client is unable to connect to the server it will 
       generate a random key block.
  HTTP proxy: You can go through an http proxy to send and receive blocks.
  Enhanced DOD: DOD will now work with non-English versions of OS2 and
       an adjustable delay
  ... and probably some others that I missed.

  Oh and the "anti-time" problem should also be fixed. It was a problem
with converting a long to a double.

  Ok, some people on other platforms are still experencing unexplained
crashes. It might be the one OS/2 seems to be immune too, but we don't
know. I've been running the client for about a day now and it works great.
If you do expernece a crash, please give as much information as possible
not just "the client crashed, fix it". Clips of the log file, what OS/2
reports, what the client was doing at the time, anything to help us trace
the bugger.

  Thanks for joining RC5 and keep on cracking! :)

oscarc at divideby0.com
You won't be undefined when you Divide By Zero.

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