[rc5] the new mac client [proper RC5 contacts]

Marc Farnum Rendino mvgfr at netcom.com
Thu Jul 10 09:28:42 EDT 1997

At 6:36 PM -0400 on 97/07/09, Rebecca and Rowland wrote:

> It seems a bit silly, but I'm very unhappy about not having much of a clue
> what's going on.

The beauty of it is, you don't have to. :)

> But who do I ask?  I've looked for email addresses, but I can't find one to
> send suggestions or bug reports to...

I had a hard time finding the proper contacts too, but I think I finally did:

>From the FAQ <http://rc5.distributed.net/FAQ/rc5faq.html>:

RC5 Help Line 	Help!	All General questions/requests	rc5help at slacker.com
Jeff Lawson	Bovine	Primary Coordinator/Programmer	jlawson at hmc.edu
Adam Beberg	Duncan	distributed.net NOC/Programmer	beberg at acm.org
							beberg at distributed.net
David McNett	Nugget	FAQ Maintenance/Proxy operator	nugget at slacker.com
Chris Chiapusio	EA	Mailing List Admin 		chipper at llamas.net
Tristan Horn	Tris	MacOS Client Programmer		tristan at ethereal.net

Unofficial Mac OS -related stuff:

andrew meggs <insect at antennahead.com>		Mac OS V2 client programming
Robert Au <myshkin at cyclone.stanford.edu>	Mac OS V1 client programming

Please correct me if I've made any errors!

- Marc

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