[rc5] Team-CCWN

Alexander Konz alex at neckar.es.eunet.de
Thu Jul 10 18:54:35 EDT 1997

Hi All!

Yesterday, I wrote:

> There seems to be a problem with the "Team-CCWN at mrcs.com"-Team. Since
> yesterday it can't be found anymore in the stats (by using "search by
> e-mail"). 
Since today, it's showing up again, but with an incorrect block count.
On Tuesday, we had the 152nd or 151st rank, now we've fall back to
something over 250.


MfG,                                    alex at neckar.es.eunet.de
Alexander Konz                                 Fido: 2:246/1451
                                       D-72654 Neckartenzlingen

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