[rc5] Mac Client problem?

SMEarp at aol.com SMEarp at aol.com
Thu Jul 10 13:26:47 EDT 1997


First of all, a huge MUCHAS GRACIAS to the Mac client team.  Great Job!!!!
  The DESCHALL front end and stats graphing are incredible. Having said that,
there seems to be a problem...

I am running it over a dial-up AOL account on a 6100/60.  The first time I
dialed up and told the client to fetch 20 blocks.  This it did, and ran
through all 20 of them before it tried to dial up again.  After its second
fetch of 20 blocks however, it tries to initiate an internet connection after
EVERY finished block, even though it has 20 blocks to work on.  Since I can't
automagically dial up AOL when something tries to initiate a PPP connection
like some people can dial up their ISP, this is kind of a problem for me.  It
didn't happen on the first 20 buffered blocks, what's happening?

-Sean Earp

P.S.  Here's some of the logfile:

Bovine MacOS RC5 client starting up 07/10/97 06:26:17 GMT
 [07/10/97 06:26:41 GMT] The proxy says: "Bovine Proxy KeyServer (Build
 [07/10/97 06:27:03 GMT] Retrieved 20 block(s) from server
1[07/10/97 06:27:04 GMT] Processing block 006BFF09:C0000000 from 0.00%
1[07/10/97 07:20:15 GMT] Completed block 006BFF09:C0000000 (268435456 keys)
in 3191 secs [84 kkeys/sec]
 [07/10/97 07:20:17 GMT] Network::Open Error - Sleeping for 15 seconds
(the last line continues for a while)
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