[rc5] Porting to new platforms

Brian Young byoung at oru.edu
Thu Jul 10 18:07:13 EDT 1997

Okay, now that the v2 clients seem to be pretty stable, I have a few

client for Solaris 2.5.1/x86

client for SCO

client for Unixware 
   (I can provide account) and Frank Meyer
<fmayhar at borchard.ladev.tandem.com> is willing to help too (probably
ready to sacrifice a small animal if need be).

I have seen something on the list before (I think) about this but:
Is there any way to the the clients attempt to connect after the
completion of each block even through there may be 20 blocks buffered. 
I know that for dial-up users, then should not be default, but if there
was an option, then that would be great.  This way, as long as the
client can reach a proxy, it will always have a full buffer, so that if
something does happen, the client will have keys to check for the maxium
amount of time.  I believe this was the default behavior for the old
TimC client.

Thanks, and it is good to see the total keyrate going up again.

rc5-team at osrhe.edu

byoung at oru.edu
Brian Young
Internet Systems Admin
Oral Roberts University
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