[rc5] V2 Sparc client

Guan Sin Ong cceonggs at segamat.nus.edu.sg
Fri Jul 11 18:55:20 EDT 1997

Why is the Sparc client distingushed by Solaris version and not
Super/Ultra SPARCs? But in the tgz file with "solaris23", the executable
is actually named "...sunos53-supersparc", whereas in the tgz file with
"solaris251" the executable is named "...sunos55-ultrasparc". So I
thought "sunos53" is for SuperSPARC machines. But it ran horribly slow
on a SuperSPARC, whereas the binary for "sunos55" ran at reasonable
speed on a SuperSPARC. So perhaps there is some confusion in the
packaging of SPARC clients. Can Bovine clarify and rectify the confusion

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