[rc5] V2 Sparc client

Stuart Anthony denitto at llamas.net
Fri Jul 11 09:39:23 EDT 1997

On Fri, 11 Jul 1997, Guan Sin Ong wrote:

> Why is the Sparc client distingushed by Solaris version and not
> Super/Ultra SPARCs? But in the tgz file with "solaris23", the executable
> is actually named "...sunos53-supersparc", whereas in the tgz file with
> "solaris251" the executable is named "...sunos55-ultrasparc". So I
> thought "sunos53" is for SuperSPARC machines. But it ran horribly slow
> on a SuperSPARC, whereas the binary for "sunos55" ran at reasonable
> speed on a SuperSPARC. So perhaps there is some confusion in the
> packaging of SPARC clients. Can Bovine clarify and rectify the confusion
> please.

Well, when Bovine posted up the ultrasparc client, I tested it for him and
it ran both on the ultra and on a hypersparc.  Im asuming that the asm
written for the ultra works on the hyper & super.  The ultra is such a
new cpu platform that no one has gotten around to finding specifics on
that.  I think the ultra client has the greatest potential left for any
kind of speed ups.  I think the naming scheme might be better off as 
listing os, but then that'd still confuse people.
So if you're running solaris you should use the sunos55-ultrasparc, and
the sunos53-supersparc for anything less that solaris 2.4...

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