[rc5] Mac 2.000 and crashes

Barry Nathan barryn at pobox.com
Fri Jul 11 07:38:06 EDT 1997

Jeff Lawson <jlawson at hmc.edu> wrote:

>At 12:22 AM 7/11/97 -0700, Barry Nathan wrote:
>>Notice what happened between the 2st and 3nd entries, after there was a 
>>crash. Is it supposed to just give up on the current keyblock and start 
>>on the next, like it seems to be doing??
>If your machine crashes, then the client isn't going to be able to save its
>progress for later resumption.  No, automatic progress saving isn't
>feasible at this point.

I guess what I'm asking is why it restarted on a *different* keyblock.

>Bovine MacOS RC5 client starting up 07/10/97 08:19:25 GMT
>1[07/10/97 08:24:44 GMT] Processing block 006BF110:10000000 from 8.12%
>Bovine MacOS RC5 client starting up 07/10/97 23:17:01 GMT
>1[07/10/97 23:23:21 GMT] Processing block 006BF110:00000000 from 0.00%

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