[rc5] V2 Sparc client

Brian Hechinger wonko at blackhole.arkham.net
Fri Jul 11 10:58:12 EDT 1997

Stuart Anthony drunkenly mumbled...
> Well, when Bovine posted up the ultrasparc client, I tested it for him and
> it ran both on the ultra and on a hypersparc.  Im asuming that the asm
> written for the ultra works on the hyper & super.  The ultra is such a
> new cpu platform that no one has gotten around to finding specifics on
> that.  I think the ultra client has the greatest potential left for any
> kind of speed ups.  I think the naming scheme might be better off as 
> listing os, but then that'd still confuse people.

any code (C or asm) you write for the sparc line of CPUs will run on all sparc
CPUs. the only difference is that if you write it for supersparc then it
won't run as well on a lower sparc (microsparc) since there is a slight  
difference in the instruction scheduling.  i think making a general binary
for just the supersparc CPUs should run fine on all of the CPUs.  although
i wouldn't mind seeing a client that is optimized for my sparc5.

> So if you're running solaris you should use the sunos55-ultrasparc, and
> the sunos53-supersparc for anything less that solaris 2.4...
> Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm flying by the nape of my shirt.

SunOS 5.5 binaries won't run on a machine running SunOS 5.3
SunOS 5.3 binaries will run (but not as efficiently) on a machine running 
 SunOS 5.5
SunOS 5.5 binaries may or may not run on a SunOS 5.4 machine, no clue, never
 ran 5.4 skipped it when we went from 5.3 to 5.5 (and now 5.5.1)

as long as you keep the SunOS version the same as what the machine runs these
binaries will run on any of the CPUs and pretty well at that.


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