[rc5] I'm not listed! :-(

Gary Jackson bargle at umiacs.umd.edu
Fri Jul 11 12:43:03 EDT 1997

On Fri, 11 Jul 1997, Bryan Golder wrote:

> Hi! I'm confused as to why I don't show up in any of the statistics
> pages. When I search my email address, it comes up with my ranking and
> blocks completed info, but I'm not in any of the lists. Is there a
> reason for that? Is there a cutoff in the stats dependent upon the
> number of blocks processed? Do the mere mortals, the wussies, the no-SGI
> ownin' losers of the world not get credit on the stats page?

Actually, PC's do a better job on this particular algorithm.  I run an SGI
Octane with 2 175MHz mips R10000's, and collectively they only barely go
over 400 Kkeys/sec.  A decent PPro or PII can get well over that.  A 16
node IBM SP-2 (basically, half of Deep Blue) gets ~2.4 Mkeys/sec, which is
pretty good, but you can that same kind of performance a lot cheaper with
a bunch of PC's. 


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