[rc5] I'm not listed! :-(

Milton Forte II mwf at ibm.net
Fri Jul 11 14:02:43 EDT 1997

In <33C61BA2.21D9 at concentric.net>, on 07/11/97 
   at 07:40 AM, Bryan Golder <redlog6 at concentric.net> said:

>Hi! I'm confused as to why I don't show up in any of the statistics pages.
>When I search my email address, it comes up with my ranking and blocks
>completed info, but I'm not in any of the lists. Is there a reason for that?
>Is there a cutoff in the stats dependent upon the number of blocks
>processed? Do the mere mortals, the wussies, the no-SGI ownin' losers of the
>world not get credit on the stats page?

>Sigh...guess I'll just nip off and shoot myself. Don't mind me...

Try this list...


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