[rc5] Logic Question

Colin L. Hildinger colin at ionet.net
Fri Jul 11 14:22:57 EDT 1997

As a followup to this - make sure and do refreshes instead of just

On Fri, 11 Jul 97 13:14:09 -0400, Milton Forte II wrote:

>In <0ED5PDB0400AA1 at aplgate.jhuapl.edu>, on 07/11/97 
>   at 09:23 AM, Ken Hildabolt <hildajk1 at aplcomm.jhuapl.edu> said:
>>Using your latest, 2.002 or whatever its number is, seeing a weird problem.
>>If I have 6 not done keys in the buffer, and it downloads 50 more, it will
>>attempt to connect when it has done 50 more, not 56 more. Is that the
>>desired action. Should it not do all the keys before reconnecting? I do have
>>a log of this action.
>No, the output buffer will only hold 50 keys.

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