[rc5] V2 PerProxies?

jpearl at qsi.com jpearl at qsi.com
Fri Jul 11 18:27:15 EDT 1997

Any word on the V2 PerProxy servers? As things stand now I've got three
connected machines (2WIN95, one NT) running out of the same directory but
only one can dial out. If that single dial out machine isn't the one that
finishes the block the other clients hang trying to access the KeyServers.
Under V1 with a PerProxy I could go days on end without any maintenance now
I'm having to monitor the damn thing twice a day. This weekend I must leave
town and won't be able to monitor things at all - whoops! If no PerProxy is
close at hand (WIN95) then I'm going to snarf keys and run multiple clients
per box - I'm not expecting this to work very well. It's going to leave me
with a ton of files to juggle when I get back too - yick! Oh yeah - "Random
keys" don't seem to be working, it hangs instead.

Shared directories and file locking was a great idea - but it didn't
relieve us of the need for PerProxies. I've even tried running the client
on the dial up machine with a modified .ini (lower number of keys), that
didn't work well at all either (sigh)

jvp at qsi.com

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