[rc5] v2 Mac client question

Ken Hildabolt hildajk1 at aplcomm.jhuapl.edu
Fri Jul 11 20:00:24 EDT 1997

In <Pine.OSF.3.96.970711154449.14788A-100000 at saul3.u.washington.edu>, on
   at 03:46 PM, Jeff Leigh <robocop at u.washington.edu> said:

I don't agree with the following at all. Take my case where I had 56 keys
running at one time. It would run until the buff-out had a count of 50 in
it. Then it would connect and send 49, but would not get any new. Then it
would do the remaining ones in the in-buff (6 or 7 or whatever), then
connect, not send anything but would get 50 more and then repeat this

That's why I wrote a message questioning the logic that the program uses.


}If you are just buffering one block, it should send it out as soon as it
}is done. If not, then it should write it to a file called buff-out and
}then send it later when the output buffer is full. Either way it should
}still say 'Sent x block(s) to server' somewhere in the logfile.

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