[rc5] Sparc v2 client

Guan Sin Ong cceonggs at segamat.nus.edu.sg
Sat Jul 12 09:58:46 EDT 1997

Jeff Gilchrist wrote:
> Ok, I am a little confused with the recent Sparc client talk.
> I am running the RC5 client on 3 Ultra Sparcs (Solaris 2.5) so for those I
> am obviously using the rc5-sunos55-ultra client.  I also have access to
> some Sparc Supersparc machines running Solaris 2.5 as well.  Should I be
> using the sunos53-supersparc client for those or the sunos55-ultra client
> on those machines?

>From one of the follow-ups, I think you should use the rc5-sunos55-ultra
client for your SuperSPARC running Solaris 2.5. Furthermore, although
both run on SuperSPARC, the sunos53 version runs much slower than the
sunos55. In other words, the SPARC clients were built by OS, not by CPU,
leaving much optimisation to be carried out. 

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