[rc5] the new mac client [proper RC5 contacts]

James Macak macak at mixcom.com
Fri Jul 11 20:59:26 EDT 1997

(Stuff deleted)
>Why you can't set it to just quit on finishing, instead of insisting on
>dialling out, I don't know.  Alternatively, it'd be nice if the Mac client
>could flush and fill buffers on command, so I could report back completed
>blocks when *I* wanted to. Unfortunately, the bloke who did the v2.000 Mac
>client decided that Mac users didn't need this feature.

The Mac client really needs some help, IMHO, at least for dial-up Internet

In my limited experience with version v2 on my PowerMac 7500 running
OT/PPP, the client is too dumb to properly request/initiate a net
connection. I've left my Mac on all night with Bovine RC5 2.000 running and
PPP loaded and running and I check back in the morning and I have scores of
lines in the Logfile saying

" [07/11/97 22:45:18 GMT] Network::Open Error - sleeping for 30 seconds"

Any decent Mac application would have initiated a connection, calling on
PPP to dial out and transfer the data. Eudora can do it, Newswatcher can do
it, Netscape can do it.... etc, etc. Why not Bovine RC5?!? (My ISP will not
allow 24 hour a day modem connections!)

I'd be happy to leave my Mac on 24 hours a day checking its 290 kkeys/sec
but the darn program just won't cooperate with a dial-up connection.

Please tell me if I'm missing something in my set-up. If so, I apologize
for this rant. If not, whoever is doing the programming for the Mac, please
make things a bit easier for us dial-up users!

Jim Macak
macak at mixcom.com

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