[rc5] Client speed

Craig Luis luisc at linfield.edu
Fri Jul 11 19:21:44 EDT 1997

We just received a new Ultra Sparc 2 Enterprise server today with two 300
MHz processors.  Since it won't officially be brought online until Monday,
I thought I would run Bovine on it to see it scream.

To say the least, results were very disappointing.  We are getting about
300 kkeys/sec per processor, at a nice level of standard user setting.  My
180 MHz PPC 604e on my desk does over 400 kkeys/sec.  I would guess that
some serious work needs to be done on the Sparc client (I had DES doing
over 2 Mkeys/sec on a 147 MHz single processor ultra sparc, with a full
user load on it). 

Anyone else see similar results?

-Craig Luis, Linfield College

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