[rc5] Startup dir rc5v2p5h (hidden win32)

Craig Luis luisc at linfield.edu
Fri Jul 11 19:42:15 EDT 1997

I am currently running the hidden client on a lab full of machines and the
run service works and the buff files are in the directory with the exe.
I originally had the buff files on the desktop, but found that by making
sure the current directory at the prompt was the exe directory before
running rc5v2p5h -install makes the buff files go where they should. i.e.:

c:\ > cd rc5
c:\rc5\ > rc5v2p5h -install


On Sat, 12 Jul 1997, Guan Sin Ong wrote:

> dan carter wrote:
> > 
> > Can i second this request.
> > 
> > Currently I automatically start rc5 hidden under windowsNT using the
> > run key in the registry. It doesn't see the buffers files which are in
> > the same dir as the .exe and downloads more, placing them on the
> > desktop
> > 
> > I would really like it to keep these buffer files in the same dir as
> > the .exe
> Yes, I strongly agree. The *hidden* client for Win95 is not really
> hidden as its buff files show up on the desktop.  (Or am I missing
> anything?)
> Also, on my Win95, "rc5v2p5h -install" would add an entry into
> RunService of the registry, but this does not seem to run on startup.
> Then I discovered other programs (such as Norton) add their programs to
> be run on startup into Run. So I added RC5 into Run as well and it
> works. So is this a bug on the hidden client? (Sorry, I am only a Win95
> *user*. Correct me if I am wrong.)
> GS
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