[rc5] Client speed

Hmmmz garbanzo at hooked.net
Fri Jul 11 20:29:35 EDT 1997

On Fri, 11 Jul 1997, Craig Luis wrote:

> We just received a new Ultra Sparc 2 Enterprise server today with two 300
> MHz processors.  Since it won't officially be brought online until Monday,
> I thought I would run Bovine on it to see it scream.

> To say the least, results were very disappointing.  We are getting about
> 300 kkeys/sec per processor, at a nice level of standard user setting.  My
> 180 MHz PPC 604e on my desk does over 400 kkeys/sec.  I would guess that
> some serious work needs to be done on the Sparc client (I had DES doing
> over 2 Mkeys/sec on a 147 MHz single processor ultra sparc, with a full
> user load on it). 

Check the web page.  According to it, only the Intel x86 processors and
Motorola PPCs have a builtin rotate instruction (which is needed by the
decryption).  The other cpus need to emulate this using more instructions,
thus slowing it down.  The DES may or may not need this (I haven't
checked) but regardless is a faster algorythm.

- alex

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