[rc5] Problem running v2.002 client as a NT service

Guan Sin Ong cceonggs at segamat.nus.edu.sg
Sat Jul 12 11:50:46 EDT 1997

When I installed the 2.002 client as a NT service using rc5srv, the
service was created successfully. I turned it into "automatic startup",
and it did get started on boot up. But the problem is, whenever a user
session is logged out, the client would stop, saying in the log that
"shutdown message received... Shutting service". Is this normal? FYI, we
run Novell Intranetware Client for NT here. If the machine is rebooted,
the service would start up fine again (and get killed upon a session
logout...). The ideal is of course for the service to ignore any signal
from a user session...

There are rc5v2p5h and rc5v2p5. Which one should I use for a NT service?

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