[rc5] Problem running v2.002 client as a NT service

Bill Plein bill at diablo.net
Fri Jul 11 21:07:00 EDT 1997

>When I installed the 2.002 client as a NT service using rc5srv, the
>service was created successfully. I turned it into "automatic startup",
>and it did get started on boot up. But the problem is, whenever a user
>session is logged out, the client would stop, saying in the log that
>"shutdown message received... Shutting service". Is this normal? FYI, we
>run Novell Intranetware Client for NT here. If the machine is rebooted,
>the service would start up fine again (and get killed upon a session
>logout...). The ideal is of course for the service to ignore any signal
>from a user session...

I have noticed the same thing, using either RC5SRV or the NT Resource Kit's

Here is a note from the SRVANY.WRI file in the Resource kit:
Programming Considerations:

For WIN32 graphical applications: when the currently logged-in user is
logging-off, all WIN32 top-level windows receive WM_QUERYENDSESSION and
WM_ENDSESSION messages. Some WIN32 applications choose to terminate upon
receipt of such messages. In order for your WIN32 application to survive
logoff, it must not do that: instead, your windows procedure should call
the default windows procedure on these messages.

For WIN32 Console (i.e. character-mode) applications: when the currently
logged-in user is logging-off, all Console applications receive a
CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT event from the Console. 
If your Console application has registered a Console event handler (via
SetConsoleCtrlHandler), it must ignore CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT in order  to
survive the logoff.

Do you think that the WIN32 version of RC5V2 could be re-written to fit the
above description (if this is, in fact, what is going on?)

Bill Plein
bill at diablo.net
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