[rc5] the new mac.. [proper RC5 contacts]

Brian H. Napier bnapier at dicksonstreet.com
Fri Jul 11 23:18:12 EDT 1997

>" [07/11/97 22:45:18 GMT] Network::Open Error - sleeping for 30 seconds"
>Any decent Mac application would have initiated a connection, calling on
>PPP to dial out and transfer the data. Eudora can do it, Newswatcher can do
>it, Netscape can do it.... etc, etc. Why not Bovine RC5?!? (My ISP will not
>allow 24 hour a day modem connections!)

NO Mac application initiates a connection. OT or TCP initiates the 
connection when any application 'looks' for TCP information. In my case I 
leave my buffer set to 20 (can i set it higher?) My PPP is OFF. When the 
APP wants to send OT automatically opens a connection. The buffer is 
sent, a new buffer is retrieved, and work continues.

Of course my connection drops after a few minutes, just because thats 
what idle connections do. A few minutes after the isp closes the 
connection OT gives me  a message that says " you have been disconnected" 
This message goes away after a few minutes. The Client keeps running. 
After the Client wants to send a block, a new connections opens. I did 
not have to do anything special (specific) for th RC5 Client for this to 

You need to set up your TCP so that it opens automatically.  Don't ask me 
how though. (USE OT if you can)
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