[rc5] V2 PerProxies?

Joe Sunday void at null.net
Sat Jul 12 12:28:37 EDT 1997

Michael Graff wrote:

> jpearl at qsi.com writes:
> > Under V1 with a PerProxy I could go days on end without any
> maintenance now
> > I'm having to monitor the damn thing twice a day. This weekend I
> must leave
> > town and won't be able to monitor things at all - whoops!
> Try running the client with -update as a command line switch every
> 15 to 30 minutes (depending on how fast your machines consume keys) on
> the dialout box.  If you keep the input buffer filled in this way the
> others will never try to dial out, and therefore never lock up.
> --Michael
> ----

I hacked together a small C program to do this, it connectes every 2
hours or so if you want it. It's not very configurable at the moment,
but if you want it, I'll add at least a setting to configure the delay.


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