[rc5] Speed freeks with Cyrix, AMD, PPro or RISC machines ?

Ronald Van Iwaarden rrt0136 at ibm.net
Sat Jul 12 13:53:29 EDT 1997

On Sat, 12 Jul 1997 20:14:32 +0200, Remi Guyomarch wrote:
>I've also made separate ASM version for 486, Pentium, Cyrix 6x86 and
>AMD-K5. I will include the PPro ASM version later.
>Since I can't test the Cyrix and AMD version on real Cyrix and AMD
>processor, I can't tell for sure if these clients are faster or not. But
>I hope a *significant* speedup on these processor, compared to numbers
>posted on the RC5 client speed page.

I compiled the source under OS/2 and, without optimization and with debugging 
switch, I get:

[E:\download\extract]client-6x86-2.exe -m
RC5-56 client modified from the genx sources by
Rémi Guyomarch <rguyom at mail.dotcom.fr> - 97/07/10
rc5-56-client (rg) : Testing crypt routines
rc5-56-client (rg) : Crypt routine isn't working !
rc5-56-client (rg) : (detecting a good key)
rc5-56-client (rg) : key = 0x1411B3 0x5A9A98DA

If I compile without debugging and with optimization, I get a core dump.

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