[rc5] the new mac client [proper RC5 contacts]

Chris Welbon ctwelbon at email.unc.edu
Sat Jul 12 15:57:39 EDT 1997

On Sat, 12 Jul 1997 dpush at mindspring.com wrote:

> >Please tell me if I'm missing something in my set-up. If so, I apologize
> >for this rant. If not, whoever is doing the programming for the Mac, please
> >make things a bit easier for us dial-up users!
> I have a 7200 OT/PPP and have no problems. As soon as I selected "connect
> automatically when using TCP/IP applications" in PPP's options/connections
> page it worked. I use PPPop 1.5.4 to close the connection after two minutes
> of session time.  PPPop can be used to launch apps as well. If you can't
> find it and want it, let me know.

Funny.  On my PowerTower 180e, RC5 v2 for MacOS won't initiate a PPP
connection (or, as some might prefer, tell OT/PPP to initiate a
connection) when it's done with a set of blocks.  Is it possible that some
people are having luck and some aren't?  Different versions of OT,
mayhaps?  I'm running 1.1.2...

I'd hoped to have the client connect when done a set of blocks, and have
OT/PPP disconnect after the connection is idle after a couple of minutes.
But no dice.

So a fix in the next version would be nice.


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