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dpush at mindspring.com dpush at mindspring.com
Sat Jul 12 16:17:58 EDT 1997

At 2:57 PM -0400 7/12/97, Chris Welbon wrote:
>On Sat, 12 Jul 1997 dpush at mindspring.com wrote:

>> >Please tell me if I'm missing something in my set-up. If so, I apologize
>> >for this rant. If not, whoever is doing the programming for the Mac, please
>> >make things a bit easier for us dial-up users!

>> I have a 7200 OT/PPP and have no problems. As soon as I selected "connect
>> automatically when using TCP/IP applications" in PPP's options/connections
>> page it worked. I use PPPop 1.5.4 to close the connection after two minutes
>> of session time.  PPPop can be used to launch apps as well. If you can't
>> find it and want it, let me know.

>Funny.  On my PowerTower 180e, RC5 v2 for MacOS won't initiate a PPP
>connection (or, as some might prefer, tell OT/PPP to initiate a
>connection) when it's done with a set of blocks.  Is it possible that some
>people are having luck and some aren't?  Different versions of OT,
>mayhaps?  I'm running 1.1.2...

601/75  7.5.5  OT1.1.2  OT/PPP1.0

By chance are generating a logfile? I'm cluelessly groping here, but I do
keep a log.
In TCP/IP I do not have the "load only when need" option selected.

>I'd hoped to have the client connect when done a set of blocks, and have
>OT/PPP disconnect after the connection is idle after a couple of minutes.
>But no dice.
>So a fix in the next version would be nice.

It is :)


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