[rc5] Speed freak with a Cyrix...

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Sat Jul 12 18:52:50 EDT 1997

Remi Guyomarch wrote about his new v1 based x86 clients:
I ran them all just for comparison. These are all the pre-compiled,
simply downloaded versions. I have not re-worked the code at all.
Here're results from a 6x86/PR166+ running linux, X, and a mostly
idle apache web server:

  marcsmess:~/remi1# client-6x86-2 -m
  RC5-56 client modified from the genx sources by
  Rémi Guyomarch <rguyom at mail.dotcom.fr> - 97/07/10
  rc5-56-client (rg) : Testing crypt routines
  rc5-56-client (rg) : Performance testing with 2000000 crypts
  rc5-56-client (rg) : Complete in 7.684 seconds. (260279.65 keys/sec)

  marcsmess:~/remi1# client-486-2 -m
  rc5-56-client (rg) : Complete in 9.623 seconds. (207841.55 keys/sec)

  marcsmess:~/remi1# client-k5-2 -m
  rc5-56-client (rg) : Complete in 9.460 seconds. (211421.90 keys/sec)

  marcsmess:~/remi1# client-p5-2 -m
  rc5-56-client (rg) : Complete in 7.785 seconds. (256906.58 keys/sec)

and a snip from the v2.002 screen display:

[07/12/97 22:15:30 GMT] Completed block B2EE09:C0000000 (268435456 keys)
                        00:17:26.73 - [256449.52 keys/sec]

Keep it up! You've just passed the v2 code!
Remi, you're going to make the team whether they invite you or not!
If you keep this up, I'm going to revert to v1 and pproxy.
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