[rc5] Dangers of overclocking

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Sat Jul 12 19:05:31 EDT 1997

Rebecca and Rowland wrote:
> The fact that virtually all microprocessors are quite happy at higher
> speeds is irrelevant - there's a whole computer out there, and overclocking
> affects *all* of it.  What about the extra power line glitches?  Is there
> enough decoupling for the higher speeds?  What about the extra power
> consumption - are the circuit board tracks dropping to much voltage?  And
> that's just for starters - there's an awful lot of components and
> connections that have nothing to do with the microprocessor, and you're
> speeding all of it up to a speed beyond its design criteria.

This is exactly why I run my PR166 at it's rated 2x66=133MHz. I tested
it at 2x75 and all was well. Running at 2x83 required some DRAM timing
mods and a tweak to the driver of my solitary EIDE drive(the SCSIs
were always fine) it worked at that speed as well. The cpu heat sink
became noticably warm to the touch, but not hot at all. The problem was
the temperature of one of the voltage regulators. While it did not fail,
it got way too hot for my comfort at either 2x75 or 2x83. So...until I
find the time to dig out the soldering iron and some other tools, the
miniscule heat sink that is currently mounted to the vr stays and my
box runs at 2x66.

> Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

That pretty well sums it up.
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