[rc5] Re: the new mac client [proper RC5 contacts]

Vic Diamond vorpal at m-net.arbornet.org
Sat Jul 12 17:54:53 EDT 1997

James Macak <macak at mixcom.com>'s email dated 11:17 AM -0700 7/12/97, said:

>In my limited experience with version v2 on my PowerMac 7500 running
>OT/PPP, the client is too dumb to properly request/initiate a net
>connection. I've left my Mac on all night with Bovine RC5 2.000 running and
>PPP loaded and running and I check back in the morning and I have scores of
>lines in the Logfile saying
>" [07/11/97 22:45:18 GMT] Network::Open Error - sleeping for 30 seconds"
>Any decent Mac application would have initiated a connection, calling on
>PPP to dial out and transfer the data. Eudora can do it, Newswatcher can do
>it, Netscape can do it.... etc, etc. Why not Bovine RC5?!? (My ISP will not
>allow 24 hour a day modem connections!)

I don't think it's a problem with the client but more than likely something
needs to be changed in your OT/PPP configuration. During the night I have
the Mac client buffer 20 keys and hang-up. (It also seems to process the
keys faster when offline, from 480 keys/sec to 520). Check your TCP/IP
control panel and verify that under the options section you have the
"Active" and "Load only when needed" items selected. Then check your PPP
control panel and make sure that the "Connect automatically when starting
TCP/IP applications" choice is selected under the Options:Connection
section. There's also a choice right in the PPP to disconnect you after a
specified idle time which I usually make as 5 minutes at night. There are
no guarantees of course, but this has worked for me. It seems to dial in
about once an hour to get another 20 keys, and then hangup after 5 minutes.

The only problem I've seen is once my modem failed to negotiate a
connection on the first try and when it did connect successfully a minute
or so later, the rc5 client seemed to have somehow locked up the data
stream and it couldn't connect to the key server. Quitting and restarting
fixed the problem, but I suspect I lost some tested keys there.

Vic Diamond

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