[rc5] Dangers of overclocking

Joshua Weage weage at mtu.edu
Sat Jul 12 23:57:27 EDT 1997

> >Most of the time, the processors are shiiped which actually run at a
> >higher speed than advertised.
> The fact that virtually all microprocessors are quite happy at higher
> speeds is irrelevant - there's a whole computer out there, and overclocking
> affects *all* of it.  What about the extra power line glitches?  Is there
> enough decoupling for the higher speeds?  What about the extra power
> consumption - are the circuit board tracks dropping to much voltage?  And
> that's just for starters - there's an awful lot of components and
> connections that have nothing to do with the microprocessor, and you're
> speeding all of it up to a speed beyond its design criteria.

	If a motherboard has the jumpers to change the processor
speed then it is usually designed to function at that higher speed.
If it is not, I would definitely not recommend overclocking.   If it
is, then the motherboard isn't (usually) going to cause a problem.
	See http://sysdoc.pair.com/ for complete overclocking


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