[rc5] Re: spammed entries

Brian J. Stewart bstewart at primary.net
Sun Jul 13 12:30:03 EDT 1997

>Stats are in fact still underway, I ran into a few snags last night, mainly
>having to remove a bunch of spammed entries from the DB (the keyserver is
>now ignoring those hosts) and the unbelieveable joy of a fire alarm. 

I hope that a few of my clients did not cause grief on your end... I just
checked my logs, and found 3 pcs running timc-h that went "insane"??

They were "claiming" to have finished a key block every 2 secs... and
"appear" to have been sending them out... i think. not really sure.

they would have come from 165.221.*.* domain, most likely through my v1
proxy once a v2 proxy is out i will upgrade all 50 boxes
to v2.002+ win32 clients...

The problem PCs were rebooted and they are cranking fine now... maybe 3+
weeks without reboot on timc-h caused a glitch on thoses pcs??

Just wanted to let you know those were NOT intentional "spams" and i will
be adding 200-400 new pcs from the 165.221.*.* domain as the weeks progress
(waiting on v2 proxy)

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